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Muskoka French Fund for the reduction of neonatal, maternal and child mortality

Participating agencies: WHO, UNFPA (regional office), UN Women, UNICEF (Regional Office).

WHO, UNFPA (regional office), UN Women and UNICEF (Regional Office), thanks to the Muskoka Fund, work to reduce neonatal, maternal and child mortality and have accelerated the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals 4 (reducing child mortality) and 5 (improving maternal health). As part of the implementation of Agenda 2030, these ambitions join the Sustainable Development Goal 3, which is "health and well being for all". Strategic intervention axes are:

- * Maternal Health
- * Infant and neonatal Health
- * Family planning
- * Sexual health and youth and adolescents reproduction.

France has committed itself, following the 2010 G8 summit in Muskoka (Canada) to support the joint work of the United Nations system agencies and civil society organizations through an investment of 95 million Euros over 5 years. "We can save the lives of more children and their moms" and this in a dozen African countries in addition to Haiti. Indeed, these funds are deployed in francophone countries such as Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, the Republic of Guinea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Chad and Togo. With these funds, between 2010 and 2013, 1700 maternal deaths and 41,000 deaths of children under 5 have been avoided.

This project gathers United Nations System agencies working in various field. Each one supports an aspect related to its initial mandate. For example, in Togo, UN Women contributes to improve the quality of care for women in hospital environment through actions of health personnel training. Following the training health personnel mobilized to improve the quality of reception which had the direct impact to rise of over 50% of attendance rate".

WHO takes care of family planning, integrated management of childhood diseases at community level, enhancing the quality of neonatal emergency and essential obstetric cares, human resources for health and strengthening pharmaceutical systems in the countries.

UNFPA focuses on maternal health, sexual and reproductive health including youth and family planning as well as purchasing products to let people decide the number of children they want and when. It also intervenes on the quality of cares with surveys on obstetrical and emergency newborn cares (EMOC) to determine the availability of cares and the audit of maternal deaths.

Improving children’s health is a key objective for UNICEF . Since their inception, they have made significant progress in the areas of immunization, oral rehydration therapy that saves the lives of infants with severe diarrhea, promotion and protection of breastfeeding, fight against HIV / AIDS, the provision of micro-nutrients and health education.

The joint work of the four UN agencies has helped develop complementary interventions that have a positive and rapid impact on the health of women and children, while avoiding duplication.

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