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Joint Migration and Development initiative

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) organizes this Tuesday, 6 December its restitution and sharing workshop of the Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI) at the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC).

For two years, IOM has been working with local Senegalese authorities to develop new ways to better support migrants in their country of origin and destination, thorough mobilizing the diaspora, supporting the reintegration of migrants, and associating them in the planning of local development. The regions of Diourbel, Sedhiou, Louga, Thies and Kaolack have made significant progresses in dealing with migration issues with positive results enabled through the commitment of elected and local actors to better engage with migrants on their territories.
These initiatives led by Regional Development Agencies and their local partners (GRDR, Group Teranga Rewmi ...) are present at today’s workshop where they will present their results to the Ministries of Senegal, the Dakar civil society actors and international cooperation. The agenda for the workshop involves thematic roundtables on the various dimensions of migration and development, direct meetings between national actors and local actors and defining common perspective to make sure these results and practices are sustainable.
“It is not an event for a closure of the sole purpose of visibility”, says Jo-Lind Roberts Sene, Chief of Mission of IOM, “ but a milestone where the local level meets the national level to put forward joint solutions that have proven to be effective for migrants”
The objective of this workshop is to showcase successful experiences from the territories, which had a direct impact on better connecting migration to development. Through those exchanges between participants, new priorities for migration and development will be defined for Senegal and provide opportunities for new partnerships across territories or for the country as a whole. IOM and UN partner agencies, through this program funded by the European Union and the Direction for Development and Cooperation of Switzerland are working together for a better management of migration as well as to maximize its positive impacts at every level.

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Yvain Bon, Point Focal ICMD ybon@iom.int

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