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IOM Senegal Organizes Migration Workshop for Journalists

Senegal - IOM Senegal last week (11/8) organized a training workshop on migration for Senegalese media. The training, which was attended by 11 journalists, a member of the National Police and a representative of the Direction Générale des Sénégalais de l’Extérieure (DGSE.) It was facilitated by two journalists and a trainer from IOM Senegal.

Participants who were introduced to migration terminology, including the difference between trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants, also discussed how to report migration stories.

At the end of the workshop, they produced a list of recommendations to be presented to key migration actors in Senegal, including IOM, DGSE and the Institut Panos de l’Afrique de l’Ouest (IPAO).

These included creating a network ; drawing up a charter and code of conduct for its members ; organizing events to expand the network at international level ; and awarding good journalism with incentives or prizes.

DGSE representative Mariama Cissé said : “We are convinced that workshops like these conducted by IOM are crucial to the development of our society. I cannot stress enough the importance of the network and close collaboration between all the actors : IOM, government, police and media.”

The training was part of the UK DFID-funded IOM project designed to promote safe and informed migration in the region through the dissemination of accurate information on migration to potential migrants, migrants in transit and host communities. It will also support the launch of a regional specialized network of journalists on migration in West and Central Africa.

For further information please contact Tijs Magagi Hoornaert at IOM Senegal, Tel : +221 784 600 619, Email :


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